Encounter (Flash Fiction)

He sat up and lit a cigarette. His left eye reflected the light in a shade of infernal red. For a moment he looked like the devil in disguise with sleek long hair and nerdy specs. The smell of tobacco clung to the thick air of the room. The smell of enticement (for her). He sat on his bed naked and oozing charm. He was lovable, intelligent, driven, and talented but above all a cold hearted psychopath. Incidentally, he was a chain smoker.

She sat on a chair fully clothed, blind with lust and intrigued. She was beautiful, intelligent, and curious but above all gullible or liked to pretend she was. (Because life was more interesting that way). He stared at her long orange skirt with a dark leaf pattern that covered her shapely legs. Incidentally, she had always imagined Narcissus to look like him.

He invited her to play a game. She refused and got up to go.

He said, “Forget it. Let’s just talk. It was just a suggestion”.

If you let him, he could woo the free spirit out of you.

She stayed. They talked of many things. Of seas and voyages and plunging into the unknown. He was bold and adventure was his second name. She was passionate and loved life.

A forceful kiss

Purple lips

Ginger flakes

And chilies

A moan

Sea foam

Salty kisses

And heartache


It was wrong on many levels for neither of them had a right to play with other children. He turned back to his Mac book air and replied to a work email. She ran away ashamed and guilt-ridden.

Melancholia followed her wearing a hat made of fear.

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