Actual scenes from deep and satisfying friendships

  • A day spent at the beach, pretending to be mermaids in a vast universe of possibilities and sea dreams.
  • Plain tea in cupfuls in a dingy student canteen with a side dish of a miniature spicy roti and conversation.
  • A bike ride on a river bank while the sun set and the moon rose on either side of your vicinity.
  • Sliding down a river bed, in fear and delight, letting the waters clasp you in a jealous embrace, only to dump you on to a rocky bottom.
  • Throngs of dragonflies, flitting past rays of sunshine.
  • Missing the sun during a drive to the beach and breaking into a smile when the sun burst through the clouds like a long-awaited super hero.
  • Dancing the night away in a frenzied oblivion.
  • Saving a reckless fly from drowning in a glass of water at a fancy restaurant while a chocolate mousse looks on with mockery in its sweet, sweet being.
  • Staying up to study together and ending up with stolen moments of a world cup opening ceremony.
  • Shared feelings of anger and frustration at a bully of a manager and escaping her clutches.
  • Sour mango dipped in chili-salt mix.
  • Licking wounds and over-analyzing over cups of tea or alcohol.
  • Long walks leading nowhere.
  • Stumbling upon a street full of pale pink blossoms and a sky-ful of rosy clouds on those walks.
  • Conversation, oodles of it about the world, its ways and how fucked up it all is.
  • Conversation, oodles of it about the world, its ways and how beautiful it all is.
  • A mutual love of the whimsical.
  • Accepting the ‘walking-contradictioniness ‘in each other.
  • Shared cynicism, dreams, madness and sunsets.
  • A mutual love of star tingles and moonlit walks.
  • A fantasy land somewhere, where Sylvia Plath and Pablo Neruda co-exist in bliss.
  • All the stories found.
  • All the stories lost.
  • All the stories lived.

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