Two poems on Education as it is!

Hubris and shame will be my legacy

I stomp curiosity (It kills cats) like a mighty T-rex

I raise my head and scream

“Bow down you mutts”

Fear, loathing and drudgery shall be your lot

Stealing star tingles

We steal moonlight and star tingles

The faint beat of a drum unique to each child

As we fumble along trying to mould them like clay

To fill our own empty cups:

Cracked and broken in places, paint so vibrant once – peeling off.

Let them chase sea stars, peer at bugs, stomp on mud and chomp on leaves

Let them wander the lands and waters, seeking their own true path


I wait to see you with bated breath

And a head full of dreams

Dancing amongst the clouds

As I go about my day’s work

A sudden heart wrench (a happy one albeit)

Stops me in mid motion

You the eternal, elusive desire

Lies seemingly within my reach

But you never come

Not really


And I return to my

Not so dull existence

A little heart broken

A little wiser

And a little


The Bird and the Bonsai

The bird flew in from the vast blue haze

He spotted a Bonsai in a pot or a vase

(He couldn’t quite tell)

He perched on the edge and wept bitter tears

For the sad fate of the Bonsai in a vase

“You poor thing,” the bird said

“In your prison with no fun to be had”

“Always, cramped in your little space”

“No place to grow or dream or be free”

And he shed more tears near the vase


The Bonsai stared at the bird in a daze

“But I am free,” it said with a chuckle

“Of chilly winds, raging storms and pesky nests”

“And when sunbeams warm my being and the waters fill me just right”

“And when I am cared for with so much love”

“I sit here in my cozy home and think of beauty, freedom and inner sight”


The bird gazed at the Bonsai in shock

Shook his head with a sad sigh

Spread his wings and flew into the blue haze


We will never know which one was right

For both of them died and became star dust