The tale of a toy and a hollow man

Once upon a time

A hollow man spotted me

A shiny new toy, fragile with an inner brokenness

Yet filled with wisdom, poetry and deep love

He decided then and there to put me in a box

There was a painting of a moon in the box, and a ragged blanket

But, I was out of his reach

Sometimes getting trampled, but sometimes soaking up the sun of love, rain and wisdom

He persisted ever so subtly to walk towards me

 For he was starving, broken, cold and mean

He smiled, coaxed and made me feel special

It took years, but he persisted

For he was starving, broken and mean

When he finally picked me up, he laughed in glee

Danced and sang, seemed happy

But, he was just starving, broken, cold and mean

He put me in the special box with a picture of the moon and a ragged blanket

He sought to nourish a bottomless pit

Drinking sunshine and poetry through a straw

I was almost deplete when wisdom emerged to the rescue

With all my might, I sprang out of the box

Like Jack

The invisible cord still intact (I did not know)

But, I was free, there was true love around, sunshine, rain and poetry

The invisible cord is rusting, bit by bit

The hollow man stares – filled with rage

For he is starving, broken, cold and mean

He tugs at the cord sometimes

But, he is weak

For he is starving, broken, cold and mean

And, there is love, sunshine, rain and poetry all around

The kind he cannot feel

The kind that is setting me free!

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